Monday, June 25, 2018

Important Things to Know About Root Canal

There can be many problems which can happen with a tooth. If you are facing a severe one, you may wonder if you need a root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is also known as endodontic therapy. This therapy is performed when a tooth’s pulp gets infected due to cavity, decay, chip, or anything which may have the capability to result in inflammation and infection in the tooth pulp. The procedure mainly involves use of a drill after which the infected pulp or nerve in the tooth is removed. After this removal, the tooth is sealed to prevent any further infection. An important thing that you need to know in this regard is that only a dentist or endodontist can tell you whether or not the root canal treatment can solve your case. Having that said, it would be worth mentioning some symptoms for which you can get root canal treatment.

Possible symptoms
Pain is one of the most important symptoms which can prompt you to think about getting root canal treatment. The important factor to mention is the intensity of pain. This intensity can range from mild to severe. The intensity can keep shifting between mild and severe throughout the day. Sometimes, it can get worse for you if you bite on anything a bit hard. Additional and abnormal sensitivity in the tooth is also the reason you may need a root canal treatment. All of these issues may involve swelling in the gums as common factor.

What you need to do?
When you feel any of the symptoms getting prominent in your teeth, you need to call your dentist immediately. You can contact your dentist over the phone or you can visit the dentist personally. You will need to explain everything happening to your oral cavity in order to let the dentist know fully about your case. Your dentist may recommend root canal treatment but he/she will immediately instruct you about getting relief from the pain until you will get your root canal treatment started. Generally, you can get relief from pain by applying ice pack on the cheek area right above the aching tooth.

What your dentist will do
When you discuss your problem with the dentist, your dentist will run necessary tests to examine your case. The most common way of examining a case requiring root canal treatment is the x-ray exam. After examination, your dentist will tell you whether you can get your problem solved with the help of medication or you are going to need to visit an endodontist. The dentists refer patients to endodontists when they find nerve damage in the tooth pulp.

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